Southern Foodservice Management Award-Winning President Mike Barclay On Foodservice Industry Success

Nov 16, 2016

After receiving one of the industry's top honors, the 2016 International Food Service Manufacturer Association (IMFA) Silver Plate Award, Southern Foodservice Management's President Mike Barclay took a few moments to discuss his experience in the industry, what he's learned along the way, and what has led to Southern's success.

Barclay joined Southern Foodservice Management in 1976 and said "there is very little I haven't enjoyed about my career in the onside dining industry." He said throughout his career he has enjoyed being a part of the "Work Family culture" at Southern Foodservice Management, something that has remained consistent for 40 years.

He said one of the most distinct features of Business and Industry foodservice management is that you're serving the same people day after day. This, Barclay said, requires "that our segment recruit and retain trained professionals who are fully committed to our focus on consistent customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, successfully addressing that unique B&I challenge sets a high standard for our segment of foodservice industry."

Barclay said he has continued to grow and learn over the course of his career, and will always strive to do so. One thing he has learned, he said, is that the key to success in the foodservice industry is customer satisfaction.

"Regardless of how long someone stays in foodservice, there’s always going to be things to learn that will help that person continue to grow and improve their professional skills," Barclay said, adding "customer satisfaction is the key for foodservice industry professionals."