Office and Corporate Dining

For over 60 years Southern has operated onsite dining services for countless Fortune 500 companies, many of which are the most recognized names in business today. Regardless of your business type, whether you’re a bank, insurance company, car manufacturer, today’s busy workplace demands a variety of meal options that are fast, nutritious and customizable. We understand that the needs of each of our clients vary greatly at times from one to another. Our operations are tailored to best meet the specific needs our client’s organization and are continually tweaked with feedback from our client’s and their employees.

Southern takes the same approach to our catering services. Whether preparing boxed lunches for working lunches, to executive coffee breaks, to company-wide events, we tailor our catering services to meet varying needs of our client’s working environment. We understand the importance of being on time and not forgetting any details. Regardless of whether our clients order online, over the phone or in person, we enable them to easily customize their orders regardless of the size of the event.

Healthcare Facility On-site Dining

Ironically, those most concerned with health – medical staff and patients and their families – are often too weighed down with responsibilities to stop for a renewing meal. We cater to this market with fast service, ready-made choices, realistic portions, and a nod to special diets. In this environment, it's often the comfort of the familiar – the Starbucks French Roast, Otis Spunkmeyer's Chocolate Chip Cookie, or the fizz of an ice-cold Sprite – that makes all the difference.

Rehabilitation Facility On-site Dining

Nowhere is it more important for patients and staff to have a positive feeling of renewal and hope than in a rehabilitation facility. Here, where minds and bodies are brought back to their full potential, we customize our menus to promote the best in healthy, hearty foods. A rehabilitation cafè is no place for uninteresting fare. We want meal times to be a welcome break from the hard work of rehab.

Senior Living Center Dining

For seniors, creating a delicious meal on their own may be only a memory, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy good food! Mealtime is both a taste sensation and an important social time for seniors, so our cafès in senior living centers focus on menus with wholesome, familiar ingredients. Our menus awaken the taste buds and create a senior dining center filled with the fragrance of home-cooking and the chance to share both stories and satisfying meals.