Employee Spotlight: Mack Reynolds, Jr.

Dec 1, 2016

Service Support Spotlight
Mack Reynolds, Jr.

For ten years, Cafe Grill Cook Mack Reynolds Jr. has come into work, set up his line, waited until opening time, and then happily served his clients at CGS in Nashville.

"I thank God for being an impact for the employees at CGS," Reynolds said. "We supply the food for everybody so they can perform their jobs."

His clients at BCBS appreciate Mack, his positive attitude, and his excellent customer service very much. They look forward to seeing him every day. Most know him by name, and Mack is considered one of the most popular people in the building.

According to Regional Manager Michael Chapman, Mack is always willing to do anything anyone asks of him, and whenever Chapman visits the facility, he always receives numerous compliments about Mack.

"I love working here," he continued. "The people are good to me. Thank you all."

Thank you, Mr. Reynolds, for your years of service. You embody Southern’s commitment to creating an outstanding workplace for our employees and in turn, providing excellent service to our customers every single day.