Employee Spotlight: Mack Reynolds, Jr.

Dec 1, 2016

For ten years, Cafe Grill Cook Mack Reynolds Jr. has come into work, set up his line, waited until opening time, and then happily served his clients at CGS in Nashville.


Southern Foodservice Management Award-Winning President Mike Barclay On Foodservice Industry Success

Nov 16, 2016

After receiving one of the industry's top honors, the 2016 International Food Service Manufacturer Association (IMFA) Silver Plate Award, Southern Foodservice Management's President Mike Barclay took a few moments to discuss his experience in the industry, what he's learned along the way, and what has led to Southern's success.

Barclay joined Southern Foodservice Management in 1976 and said "there is very little I haven't enjoyed about my career in the onside dining industry." He said throughout his career he has enjoyed being a part of the "Work Family culture" at Southern Foodservice Management, something that has remained consistent for 40 years.

He said one of the most distinct features of Business and Industry foodservice management is that you're serving the same people day after day. This, Barclay said, requires "that our segment recruit and retain trained professionals who are fully committed to our focus on consistent customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, successfully addressing that unique B&I challenge sets a high standard for our segment of foodservice industry."

Barclay said he has continued to grow and learn over the course of his career, and will always strive to do so. One thing he has learned, he said, is that the key to success in the foodservice industry is customer satisfaction.

"Regardless of how long someone stays in foodservice, there’s always going to be things to learn that will help that person continue to grow and improve their professional skills," Barclay said, adding "customer satisfaction is the key for foodservice industry professionals."


Southern Foodservice Management’s Barclay Honored With Prestigious Silver Plate Award

Nov 15, 2016

Southern Foodservice Management President Mike Barclay was honored with one of the industry's most coveted awards, the International Food Service Manufacturer Association (IMFA) Silver Plate Award, during the 2016 National Restaurant Association Show on May 21, 2016.

Often called the "Academy Awards of Foodservice," the IMFA Gold and Silver Plate accolades were first awarded in 1954. Awards are made in nine segments of foodservice operations: Independent Restaurants/Multi-Concept, Chain Full Service/Multi-Concept, Chain Limited Service, Business and Industry/Foodservice Management, Health Care, Elementary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities, Specialty Foodservice, and Hotels and Lodging.

Southern Foodservice Management's Barclay was the Silver Plate award recipient in the Business & Industry/Foodservice Management category.

Award winners, considered the top operators in the industry, are chosen by a distinguished jury of trade press editors and previous award winners.

"I am proud and honored," Barclay said about Southern Foodservice Management's Silver Plate award. "Also highly thankful to the great group of friends, fellow Southern Team Members and others who were involved in my nomination and the subsequent support process which led to this wonderful Award. I’m looking forward to becoming a member of the prestigious IFMA Silver Plate Society."


Corporate dining and vegan and vegetarian diet

Feb 17, 2016

Beans, they’re not just a side anymore. As the popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets have grown over the past decade, Southern Foodservice Management corporate dining cafes have incorporated more and more meatless options into their menus.


Government Dining

Oct 19, 2015

We excel at providing dining services in government facilities, but this was a new challenge.



Jul 30, 2015

Glenda couldn’t believe her eyes. It was just…gone. A Program Specialist for Consolidated Nuclear Security, Glenda Roberts had just arrived for work at the Pantex Plant outside Amarillo, Texas. It was bright and it was early. And what had been just another Monday had suddenly become quite manic.


Operation PB&J

Jul 29, 2015

Serving good food at a great value is something Dawn Glover and her team of corporate dining service professions take great pride in. It’s what they do. And now, so is handing out free food, coats and blankets to the homeless at Christmas.