Corporate Dining

At Southern, we believe dining should be a pleasurable part of the day. We pride ourselves on making it easy for our clients to provide the quality, service and value in their foodservice operations that keep employees satisfied and productive.

We create customized menus that keep your employees coming back for more. Combined with our customized menus, we offer brands that employees know and like.

We staff your onsite facility with talented, caring people at every level of management and service. We communicate with you and your employees to be sure everyone knows what's offered and what’s special. By keeping the lines of communication open, we get valuable feedback that allows us to exceed your expectations.

We keep our foodservice cost-effective by eliminating the time-consuming tasks often associated with outsourced operations. We can even help you manage the design and build-out of your space if you want to create or expand onsite dining. We can help you equip the kitchen and keep it clean, stock it with the right foods at the right time, and provide an enthusiastic service team that will keep the operation running smoothly.