Our Culture

What makes the company culture different at Southern? We believe in connecting with people and making their dining experience one of the best parts of their day. When we do that, work becomes fun. Food as an integral part of life, and having pride in our food means quality, taste and a good time.

Part of the "something extra" we bring to the table is our emphasis on people; whether it's our fellow team members or those people we serve. We want to make your day by giving you a smile when you're stressed, a friendly word when you're distracted, and a helpful suggestion if you're unsure.

Something Extra

We have a philosophy for each and every one on our service team to give something extra. A Southern Foodservice Management employee:

  • Exhibits a positive, friendly and respectful attitude towards guests and other team members.
  • Arrives to work on time and in correct uniform, clean shoes, clean and pressed black pants and shirt, apron, name tag, and a SMILE.
  • Understands job duties and responsibilities, as well as having an eagerness to learn more and develop new skills.
  • Promotes a fun and efficient work environment, focusing on guest satisfaction.

We genuinely believe that every employee can choose his attitude and concentrate on making life better for the people around him or her. Our culture reflects this attitude, and you can see it in action at many of our client companies.

As a part of something extra, all of our team members strive to implement the FISH! Philosophy, which means:

  • Be There
  • Make Their Day
  • Choose Your Attitude
  • Play!

We understand that you’re at work. Your day is difficult. Our job is to make it just a little bit better with delicious food and a smiling face. It’s something extra that we do for you.