Our People

We believe the difference between Southern and other foodservice companies is our people. We have mastered the art of finding and hiring the most talented, enthusiastic, qualified and committed people in the foodservice industry. At Southern, we understand that if we take good care of our own people, they'll take good care of our customers.

That's why our people stay with us. We treat our employees the way we want them to treat you, with respect, flexibility, and attention to the little things that make a difference to them. We hire the best and promote from within, always rewarding excellent performance and encouraging employees personal and professional growth. We have team members who have been with us for as long as 40 years, and the turnover rate among our employees is among the lowest in the industry.

We keep our folks well-informed about our own corporate policies as well as the policies for the particular clients for whom they work. It's this transparency and communication that ensure we're all on the same page at the same time – a quality our employees appreciate, because knowledge is empowering.