Office Coffee Service

Ah, the venerable cup o' Joe! How do business people, government workers, students and executives get through the day without it?

Whether your passion is strong, black coffee or a milky latte, we've got you covered with our office coffee service. Put together top-quality brand-name products with dependable service and you've got the office coffee service that will keep everyone on task and on time, with a (caffeinated) smile on every face!

We take the hassle out of your office coffee service. We provide the coffee makers and their filters and then keep your coffee station stocked with everything you could possibly need: Creamers, stirrers, cups, lids, sugars and sweeteners. One of our most popular vendors is Royal Cup, who will set up a Keurig brewer and then provide the uber-convenient kcups with all kinds of coffee (including light, medium, and dark roasts, decaffeinated, flavored coffees like Caramel Vanilla Cream, Hazelnut and Southern Pecan, and Starbucks brand). They also provide teas such as Earl Grey, India Spice, green teas, and hot chocolate.

For the H2O drinkers in your group, Royal Cup can also set up UV Premium water coolers. These coolers are manufactured with BioCoteĀ® antimicrobial protection to reduce growth of harmful microorganisms on the equipment. The coolers' filers provide industry-leading filtration and accompanying UV Light Technology adds another level of defense against any harmful bacteria.

In short, standing around the water cooler may be one of the most healthy activities your employees accomplish all day.