It takes a special understanding of the industrial workplace to provide a successful dining operation, plus a big helping of extra effort to make it outstanding. That’s why many of the nations’ largest manufacturing companies have partnered with Southern for their onsite dining services operations.

Productivity is critical for our clients and we understand that time is truly money. Our café service lines keep moving, so our client’s employees can get back to work on time and their production lines keep moving. We know the challenges caused by the vastness of the facilities and the time constraints of the employees break period. As a result, we design our operations to make the service time as fast as possible to maximize the dining time the employee has. Whether it’s delivering meals to remote areas of a facility, or serving lunch earlier than usual because a production line shut down unexpectedly, our creating a new payment method to expedite services, we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients.

From the company’s perspective, we keep our menus appealing and affordable, and loaded with healthy selections that help keep your employees alert and engaged. From the employees’ perspective, we offer delicious food in a comfortable setting that makes them glad to dine in our facilities. We serve them with a warm hello and a smile and we pay attention to their preferences when planning menus.

We understand the importance of minimizing environmental impact of our client’s facilities and continually strive to provide energy-efficient solutions and environmentally friendly products. Southern works hand in hand with our clients’ recycling and sustainability policies to minimize our impact together.

The cafè is an important place where workers congregate and build camaraderie that spills over into a more productive and satisfied workforce. We provide something extra that creates a dining experience that helps to nourish both body and mind. We take the same approach in our vending services, convenience store operations, coffee shops and mini-markets to provide a vast variety of dining options for workers on break.