We put something extra into every menu we prepare for our education clients. You might say we're "well-schooled" in their unique student dining operations!

We know it’s important that school café meal choices be appealing, affordable, and healthy. We increase students’ comfort level – and appetites – by offering many scratch made items paired with items from the brands they’ve grown up with, like Campbells, Tropicana, and Tyson. Often, the last thing on a student’s mind is food, so we understand the importance of making menus fun, colorful and appealing. We make our portions reasonable and affordable, with an eye towards a school-system’s often limited budget. We adhere to government and local regulations for healthy fare, meeting or exceeding every requirement for food safety and nutrition.

Technology is growing as fast as the students are and at Southern we believe it’s very important to incorporate technology in our dining systems anywhere possible. We are continually developing numerous applications that benefit school systems, students and parents. We use these to communicate menus online, allow for orders to be placed remotely, and to communicate nutritional information and information related to allergens. Our program also allows parents to fund and manage monies in their students’ meal card account and provides the parents with detailed information about what their children are eating. Further, it can be tailored to fit the needs of particular parents and children, so if a parent wants to limit how much or what items a child wants to buy, they can. At Southern, we know the importance of customizing our programs to fit the needs of our clients. We believe that providing these value added services for our clients as the something extra we bring to the table that keeps our clients happy for years and years to come.