Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Southern cooking hasn't always been synonymous with good nutrition and many Southerners do like our biscuits buttered and tea served sweet! However, at Southern Foodservice Management we’re on a mission to make our cuisine do for our bodies what its taste and smell do for our senses. We want to create solid sustenance that only feels like we're cheating on our healthy diets. The team at Southern developed our Smart Cuisine Recipe Program that we implement across the country to provide healthy offerings to our clients.

Nutrition, health and wellness aren't just trendy buzz words. They're a way of life and a permanent way of looking at food choices, day in and day out. They also impact the bottom line of the clients we serve by improving employee productivity, reducing sick days and chronic illness, boosting a general sense of well-being, and encouraging employees to make better food choices no matter where they dine.

According to the American Heart Association, the number of fast food restaurants in our country has more than doubled since the 1970's with more than 78 million U.S. adults and 12.5 million children and adolescents being clinically obese. Medical costs for obese employees are a staggering 42% higher than for employees who are not obese. Weight reduction is just one way to improve the bottom line for your company's healthcare costs. The American Heart Association also states that reducing the amount of sodium we eat by 1200 mg. per day could save up to $20 billion in medical costs and drastically impact the incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.