Sports & Leisure

Food adds that something extra to every event, including those at athletic venues. Fans arrive with high expectations for their team and for their dining options. Food is truly part of what makes their overall game-day experience a positive or negative one. Whether it’s the hot dogs at a stadium club or the gourmet spread in a private suite, Southern proudly provides that extra attention to detail that only experience can produce which positively affects a fans game day experience.

Among our satisfied clients are some of the country’s largest stadium venues. Whether it’s a basketball coliseum, a baseball field or a football stadium that seats 100,000 fans, we tailor our fare to meet the preferences of each particular venue. All fan bases have their tried and true food favorites that are specific to their venue, but they also need to see a variety of new offerings from game to game. Our staff is trained to strive to meet those needs and serve in a manner that makes each fan feel like they are the most important person in the venue, regardless of which team they are pulling for.

The sheer size of some athletic venues is incredibly impressive and every year they are built bigger and better. Having the appropriate game day logistics plan is the key to operating a successful dining operation at any athletic venue. Southern’s Team of software programmers developed our proprietary logistics & delivery software and we can customize it to fit the specific needs of any venue. It enables us to provide that highest level of service and many offerings that otherwise we would not be able to offer. This software and technology helps our staff insure that the food in your venue is served at the proper location, delivered on time and that no detail is forgotten.