Meal Card Rewards

Boost cafè efficiency when your employees or students use The Meal Card instead of cash or credit.

Time is of the essence at work. With Southern, we've developed a Meal Card program that can expedite cafè operations and help keep credit card fees to a minimum. The Meal Card Program can allow for integration with your Employee Badge and we can also offer Payroll Deduction through the system should you so choose. It’s also the perfect payment vehicle for School Kids of All Ages.

We've developed several incentive programs to encourage use of the Meal Card Program when checking out in your café in including numerous Rewards Programs and Giveaways. Faster than cash or credit cards, the Southern Meal Card is the best way to expedite your dining experience. Because we’ve developed all of these programs and we own them, we can provide it to our clients at minimal costs especially compared to 3rd party systems.


Rewarding your employees when they use their meal card encourages them to repeat the process. Below are some reward ideas you can set up for your facility to help boost meal card usage.

Card Registration Reward

Employees register for the meal card and earn free money to use at the café.

Funding Reward

Employees fund their Meal Card and are rewarded extra cash to use at the café.

Café Discounts

Employees using Meal Cards will receive discounts on selected foods “often Smart Cuisine” served in the café.

Purchase Frequency Rewards

Reward recurring eating habits. Offer special rewards like "Buy 9 coffees in December, get the 10th coffee FREE!"


Our Meal Card system can accommodate a giveaway reward for Meal Card users. It can be as small or large of a prize as you'd like to make it.

Standard Giveaways

Use the Meal Card at least once to enter for a chance to win a prize. Users will be entered into the drawing only one time. Winner will be chosen at random.

High-Frequency Giveaways

High-frequency Meal Card users will improve their odds of winning the prizes.

Promote Meal Card Rewards

Tell your employees what rewards and giveaways are happening when they use the Meal Card.

Communicate to your employees on multiple touch points to help your employees choose Southern's Meal Card when checking out in the cafè.

  • Sign at the cashier's station
  • Posters (small and large)
  • Table tents
  • Email blasts

Take every opportunity to tell your employees they can earn free stuff just by using their Meal Card.