Animal Welfare

SFM Shares the consumer and industry’s growing concern over the humane treatment of animals in our food chain. SFM eliminated foi gras as a menu item in 2008 as well as discontinued the use of crate-fined veal. SFM began sourcing cage-free eggs in 2007 and has steadily continued to expand the use of cage-free eggs. SFM is committed to the goal of purchasing 100% cage-free eggs both shell and liquid for all eggs purchased for the company account by 2020. In addition, we are phasing out pork raised in gestation crate confinement by the year 2017. By 2024, we will source only broiler (meat) chickens certified by Global Animal Partnership (GAP). In addition, our suppliers will agree to slaughter of birds by utilizing a multistep controlled atmosphere process or low atmospheric pressure stunning.